Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gettysburg National Military Park, PA

Today Amy and I got out for a good solid ride trying to kick each others tail. It was super good for us and she only proved that she is certainly ready to hold onto and win the NACT leaders jersey this weekend in Southampton. That girl is on fire!

On our warm down we ran across the Gettysburg National Military Park. I love how you just "run across" these things here in PA.

This isn't just a park dedicated to the Battle of Gettysburg; it is one of the parks where it all went down!

This Barlow’s Knoll. Brigadier-General Francis C. Barlow is said to have survived a cannonball through the stomach to the spine suffering from paralysis. I only know this stuff because Amy reads me the plaques....

Afterwards, Amy settles in for a long winter nap with a little Tinkerbell (sheets) and a nice philosophical book.

Same with this guy except he can't read all too well.

Ah heck, neither can I. Why else do you think Amy has to read to me?


Won Poo said...

Funny, you are all the way in PA and I can still smell you. Gross.


Whon Poooooo!!!! You can actually smell THAT?? I was hoping I could blame it on the dog.

Amy Dombroski said...

Hehe, funny. I'm not gettin edumicated, so I gots to read plaques and long books.