Thursday, November 20, 2008

PA to NY

Today after a nice spin in Gettysburg, PA Amy and I spent the rest of the day in a car. We found out it was a long drive out to Long Island and we wanted to split up the drive in 2 days.

For starters though we had to drive to Harrisburg, about an hour away to pick up a rental car, then drive back to Gettysburg, pack our stuff and then drive right back up and through Harrisburg on our way to New York City area.

We didn't know where we were going to stop along the way but as traffic was moving dandily through the New York City area, we decided to go for broke and make our way onto Long Island and spend the night there. Plus the chances of getting on the wrong road and getting lost were huge with all the different roads, freeways, routes, bridges, connectors and we would have rather gotten lost tonight and not tomorrow. Getting lost in New York would be a 30 minute plus mistake unlike in Heber where its a 4 second mistake.

But with my superstar navigator in the passenger seat, we made it with no problems. But we did of course have to be reassured by every toll booth operator that we were going the right way.

It was kind of a long day and I was eager to put my head on the pillow.

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