Monday, June 18, 2007


All I did today was prepare for my departure tomorrow for the Quebec MTB World Cups that are this weekend in Mont Sainte Anne and next weekend in St. Felicien. Been to Mont Sainte Anne 4 times or so but never been to what we are calling “the North Pole” (St. Felicien). Don’t know what to expect there. I do know that I should expect to start probably 120th if I am lucky out of 120 people. I have NO UCI points for a good start position or call up. So when I write and say I came in 80th don’t be shocked. It’s tough to move up during the race in the world cups. The trails are clogged with people fighting for themselves, their countries their sponsors, the Olympic team and even their own futures. It can get wicked out there let me tell you. I just hope to get some great training in which I know I will.

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