Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Airplane Fever

I got up, trained, stretched, packed the rest of my stuff and was on a plane to Denver, CO by 1pm today. Most days I don't even get out the door by then! I am headed to Boston, MA from Denver, CO where I am meeting up with Sara Bresnick-Zocchi who I will be traveling in Quebec with. She lives just outside Davis Square where Tufts University and grand ole Harvard are. Its a pretty sweet set up in that area for sure. She gets to walk everywhere from her house in order to do errands. You should see just how many people WALK by her house every minute all day and night long.

A layover in Denver, CO gave me enough time to squeeze in some emails and more phone calls that I wasn't able to complete in the last few days. All work related which is unbelievable I know............ "What do you do with all that time you have every day, Kathy?". Oh YA RIGHT.

The flight to Boston took FOREVER. At some point I wasn't exactly sure if the pilot was really headed to Boston or freakin' Europe!! Some thunderstorms elongated my journey across the US to a 5 hour flight. Not cool but at least there was no one sitting next to me on the plane.

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