Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Quebec Prep

How can a human have so much to do? I race bikes for crying out loud but yet THAT my friends is the problem. In preparation for being gone for 2 weeks racing in Quebec at the World Cups Sara and I, first thing, hit the oil change place for her car, then Peets coffee (priorities, priorities), then Costco, then stopped at one of her sponsors, Planet Shoes , then headed to the local farmers market, then the grocery store and then finally back to her house. It was like 2pm by the time we got all of this done, unloaded, separated (remember we went to Costco) and packed for the car trip.
Then I had to help Sara with HER packing.........

She has a few things to choose from...............
What was next? Oh yah, my bike. Need to build it and get that training ride in. I got my bike out of the bike box, built it up and everything was groovy there thank heavens. I always worry about something breaking in transit. I have seen with my own eyes what those luggage handlers can do to large boxes that LOOK sturdy. It makes you cringe.

Next project: Had some lunch and now I am free to ride.......or not. Right then my wheel box stuffed full of all my waterbottles, drink mix, recovery, gels, extra tires, tubes, Stans, wheels etc. arrived on the doorstep by UPS. Just in time for me to break it open and put the disks on the wheels (oh joy!!).
Ok, whew. Now its 5pm, haven't ridden and I am hungry again. Great. But I finally was able to get out on the paved bike path that I just ripped up. Tore it to shreds....people running away from me screaming, parting like the red sea as I hammered towards them and their darn rollerblades. HA. Just kidding.

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