Monday, August 3, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Well, my week off the bike was golden. I got stuff done, hung out, caught up on all my reality TV (ha!!), read, reduced my emails to a manageable amount, cleaned the house, went to parties, went out to dinner some and even signed up finally for facebook (I know – welcome to the times finally Kathy on that one). I also got to hang out with our friends from Santa Barbara a ton (Kristin and Eric) doing dinner, tubing the Provo and going to Deer Creek Reservoir……..with surfboards. Yeah, a bit out of place on that one but they wanted to play in the water!

The week flew by and by the time I knew it; it was time to rev up my batteries after trying to recharge. Some of those first few rides I did felt awful; I felt like I had lost any and all fitness I had in just that one week off. Funny how your mind plays nutty tricks on you like that because I certainly didn’t lose ALL of it.

Up to the top of Wolf Creek Pass with hubby on one of my first rides back:

I was even having so much fun on my bike that I decided to ride home from where we parked near Kamas. That is a good sign the week off worked!

But the truth is that I feel better now on the bike than I did before I took the week off. I am a lesser version of myself as a racer at the moment if I had to guess but the important thing is that every time I come back from a ride and analyze it I am not saying that I felt like junk. That is what I was saying for about a month prior to taking the week off. So we shall see. Could be really interesting at these next few national races coming up in VT and NY.

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