Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Surgery #2

Yesterday Chris had his surgery to take out the 3 inch screw that was holding his tib/fib together since he broke it in April. The hope is that he will get more flexibility by doing so. They are leaving in the plates and other screws at his ankle though unless they start to bother him at some point. They let him keep the screw which can be found on our kitchen table. Yuck!

The 12 minute surgery took 7 hours because the doctor was late and things just took longer than they should overall. Because of that it was a massive day for both of us. One in which I had to start out by setting up a transition zone from my Pilates class to taking Chris to surgery. I had no more than five minutes in between the 2 and had to boogie. Once I dropped him off I went and did all the errands that I had put off doing for months and months. But I got them done with tons of time to spare since el doctoro was late – oh.

Oh and while finding things to do with my spare time, a guy in a Hooters t-shirt made me cry. Isn’t that special?

I was driving Chris‘s car which I am not used to driving and I parked in a parking space where I had apparently put my front bumper 6-8 inches over the white line. This was a problem as it turned out. As I sat in my car enjoying an apple looking at the trunk of the car ahead of me (it was backed into the space) I watch the couple who owned the car load groceries into the trunk. After they were done, the guy came over to my open window with his hooters tee on and said, “I would have thought you were blond”. I did not understand him at first and said “excuse me???” and he proceeded to walk back to his car. Once I deciphered his language a light bulb went on and I got out of the car and looked at my front bumper - I had indeed misjudged the space and gone over it by a little and you know what??....if he had asked me to move the car back I certainly would have without hesitation - no doubt. All he had to do was ask but he didn’t of course.

After the guy was long gone, I started crying and the lady who witnessed this train wreck said to just forget about it because the guy was acting jerky. But I really started crying because of the stress I was under with hubby under the knife at that exact moment along with parents still so sick and now this scenario being just crappy!! It just put me over the edge because I hate to disappoint anyone, yes, even a mean ole stranger!! But he probably has just as many crappy things going on in his life as I do mine and I forgive him because I know what it is like to have constant bad news.

I didn’t get home until late and I finally got on the bike at 7:30pm if you can believe that. Probably turned out better since it was cooler then anyway! Training was a semi hammer fest which in turn would keep me up until midnight since my body was jacked up afterwards. sleep at midnight and then wide awake at 3:30am. Couldn't get back to sleep and finally got out of bed at 4:30am!!!!!!!!! I rumbled the entire day today packing for our teams 12 day east coast trip to wrap up the national mtb series.

Not sure I would have accomplished everything I needed to if I hadn’t gotten up at 4:30am!!! Thank heavens for full moons!

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