Monday, June 8, 2009

Vail and Frisco, CO

Heather starting the Time Trial yesterday in Vail Village

Yesterday I took Heather down to the Teva Games Road Hill Climb and while she was busy killing it for 8th place with a tail wind I went for a ride on the Vail Bike Path. I had no idea that thing makes its way all the way to Frisco and beyond!

The views were pretty nice along the way too!

Heather had an interesting way to change right in front of the guy sitting in the Element - using her dress!

After she was settled we decided to go check out some of the Teva Games. That is a first that I have actually gone and enjoyed an event after my own racing. There was kayaking, rock climbing, dog jumping, trail running, tight rope walking, slope style bmx, you name it to watch and it was so fun to go see other athletes doing their thing. The environment is fabulous and the event itself is so fun to be at and go to. I will definitely be hitting this one again next year.

Here are a bunch of people enjoying the dog jumping while sipping on some brew-hah and praying to god that the next storm burst only brings rain this time.

And on a fun note, I called Brandy whom I roomed with last year for the Teva Games and haven't seen since. She has been pretty busy though winning titles. But she happened to be 5 minutes away in Vail Village after just winning her 10k Trail Run yesterday so she and her hubby came down to hang out. She is also the current National Mountain Trails Champion and the current National Snow Shoe Champion. All while holding down a full time job. Impressive. You go girl! Read more on Brandy here and here.

As for today in Frisco, the name of the game was wander on over to the local breakfast place looking like a dirty unkempt cyclist and then get on the bike as soon as possible. The weather here is getting to be predictable in that you have to get your buns out the door before noon or else get snowed/rained/hailed on as you can see.

Amanda and I picked up the bike path up in Frisco and headed East for a while. The views were great looking back on Frisco, CO.

But we both are agreeing that sleeping at 9000 feet every night has its challenges. And that would be why its nap time right now. Need to catch up on some ZZZZ's.
More quick info on the Teva Games here too if you want.

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