Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Packing Up

I am heading to the East Coast tomorrow for some racing and gonna hook up again with Sara B. in Boston for a while. Last time I saw her I was teary eyed and full of uncertainly with my freshly broken hand and wrist. Now I will return with my war wounds of surgery and stories of therapy. I am gonna sound like an old lady talking about my aches and pains!

Speaking of which a very exciting thing in the world of therapy.....a new toy!

And I even got bigger blocks to play with too. Oh joy.

The hand looking better overall but it's still lumpy dumpy. Hey, at least it works for the most part.....or did I just get used to not using it.....or forgot what it's like to have full function of it? Don't know but I am doing my best to get where I need to be. More therapy today...

Did some errands this week like take our recycle to the local recycle center. That place rules -they are accepting bike tubes and tires now! The sign of course has a tire around it.

It has been pretty nice in the valley for training too.

Occasionally you will need a jacket though. And the stupid one I chose to wear one day drove me bananas!! First off that thing filled with freaking air and made me look like the stay puff marsh mellow AND then it decide to flap so hard that I sounded like a helicopter landing totally freaking out others on the road who were enjoying themselves until I rolled by. But I didn't scare the bunny though for whatever reason

But I did scare the deer and then attracted 2 different dogs that decide they wanted to chase me. That really chaps my hide when dogs chase me. That is one thing, for whatever reason, really gets under my skin. Maybe its cuz they are putting their lives and my life in jeopardy with on coming cars and traffic. Not cool.

What was cool though was Chris won the Mens B Cyclocross race on Saturday here in Utah! Yey! He was able to put the hammer down in the mud and rain to come in FIRST outta 25 or so guys. I was very proud of him since he doesn't officially train unless you call kite boarding, skiing, surfing and riding whenever he feels like it training! Wish I could pull that one off!

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