Saturday, October 4, 2008

WI to UT and the week

Traveled home on Monday. Gotta love Southwest Airlines too. I was supposed to fly back to Vegas from Chicago and then catch a completely different flight on a completely different itinerary 6 hours later to SLC (I booked WI at the last minute). But instead Chris got all smart on me and suggested that I call Southwest to see if I couldn't fly straight to SLC from Chicago, eliminating 8 hours plus of travel. So I called at 11pm on Sunday night and they were happy to accommodate me for only $4 more. Nice! So I was able to get home in time to go for a ride!

Tuesday I was up to my eyeballs in mail and things needing to get done. Always playing catch up in this game. But I sure do like playing the game!

Wednesday I went into my Hand Therapy for 3 hours and confessed to the Therapist that I hadn't done one lick of hand therapy on my own since I got on the road 10 or so days ago. In fact, the closest I got to any therapy was just massaging it a little while sitting on the plane. For the most part when I "had time" to do it, I was completely worked and couldn't even think about putting any energy into I didn't.

My Hand Therapist was ok with my very true confession and said that my therapy for the last week or so was riding and racing and not too worry. And much to our excitement she did some measuring off the bat and I had improved in my range of motion in SOME of the motions. Not bad for not doing any official therapy on it except for jarring the heck out of it, crashing on it in Vegas and consistently using it to pick up my bike .

But I unfortunately still can't make a fist. That index finger (Metacarpal) that I blew apart/rotated and displaced is being a bugger. And yeah, that does suck. Sometimes I think maybe I will just have to live with limited mobility. I hope not and I will continue to work at getting it all back but my goodness...I broke my hand July 12th. Of course, the Hand Therapist keeps telling me that it will be 8 months plus till my hand is "normal". So in the meantime, I will do what I can to beat that 8 month time line! Life is always a race!

And on that note, I am still so happy that I met my goal of racing in the Sept 20th race; the first race since my hand surgery. I worked SO HARD to get there and I did. I put in so many painful hours and it all worked out in the end. Just knowing that I did everything I could to get there would have been enough to put my mind at ease if the doctor had said NO to the races. But he didn't so I took it upon myself to head to 4 different states in 9 days, compete in 5 races and to even podium! I cannot wait to tell my Hand Surgeon even though he will think I am a nut!

I still can't believe how swollen my hand is still though. But that is again....8 months plus to alleviate those symptoms too. The good news is that it doesn't seem to be at all of an annoyance while riding, racing and picking my bike up - thank heavens! This last week was certainly a test and my hand passed with flying colors!

Friday was my first (difficult) Yoga class day. I have not been to this particular class since April prior to breaking my thumb! So I went in with hesitation but hoped I could maybe pull it off without passing out on the floor or shaking uncontrollably while holding a pose. And everything went surprisingly well. Lets just say that I was happy that I did all those Yoga and Pilates classes with my casts and splints on over these last months even when I had to modify poses or just stretch when I couldn't do one because of my cast.

Funny thing too was that when I walked into the class, people said in amazement "What??? NOTHING on your left arm????". That just proves right there that it has been quite the summer and luckily the gears are changing and cross is here now. The rain clouds and rainbow in Heber suggest seasons are changing and I am the first one to say "thank heavens".

I am back. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I think your results show your back! Now where the hell were you for the first mudfest in Draper?


Resting in my pajama's ALL DAY. Ahhhhhh.

Yes, I am just trying to rub it in although I can't wait to get muddy again like you guys did today! :)