Friday, October 31, 2008

Boulder Cup Course Pre-Ride

Can you say goathead central?

4 of us pre-riding = 8 flats in under 6 minutes.

That was our pre-ride and with not enough tubes to go around we had to stock up along with everyone else and their mother at the local bike shop.

Thank heavens we didn't take our tubbies out there today!

After getting geared up all over again and getting some lunch we decided to play it safe and hit the roads instead. There are some great views outta Boulder for sure!

Then kids starting coming to the house one after the next for some trick - or - treats. And, in full on Boulder style, the first to arrive were the Devo kids:

I am sorry to report though that I missed the kid wearing a homemade Styrofoam toilet costume where you were supposed to through the candy in the bowl. Dang it!

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