Friday, March 30, 2007

And So It Begins

A day at the races just isn't normal unless someone forgets something. Thanks to Pilling that void was filled after I got the call that he had left his helmet at his hotel. Big oops when you are racing the Time Trial in a few hours and you are already at the venue. I got Brad a helmet and then he promptly made up for his minor blunder by winning. Nice work Brad!!

Some Pro Women did the Time Trial today but most seemed to be saving their legs for the STXC tomorrow night (I fell into this category). Yep, I said, tomorrow NIGHT. At 7:30pm the STXC get rolling under the street lights of Fountain Hills. Sounds like more a Fat Tire crit to me but they are promising 1/2 dirt 1/2 pavement. We shall see.

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