Monday, December 17, 2007

From KS to UT

I flew home today from Kansas and I feel like a mac truck hit me. Probably from casing it hard in the one ditch/gully on the course that I blasted through just as the last of my air pressure escaped from my front tire. I had no traction with no air in ice ruts and hit the ground so hard, slamming my right shoulder on a tree or something as I slid under the tape in front of about 30 people. It was at that moment I realized that my front was completely flat. Sucky.

I am pretty banged up overall right now. I am finding all kinds of cuts, bruises, bumps. Weird. Even my toe is red and swollen. Do I remember ANY of this happening during the race? Nope. Notta. Have no idea. Cannot recall. It called being in the zone I guess.

Nothing like coming back from a bike race with shin splints from running practically a whole lap too. My body is still asking me what that long run in cycling shoes was all about!

Guess the outcome of yesterdays race bugged me more than I knew cuz I didn't even think about turning out the light last night until almost 2am and even then couldn't get to sleep. I guess its disappointment of some sort in _________ . Need some time to fill in the blank because I don't know yet.

Found some other pics here and here of when I was rolling along just fine and dandy breathing down 5th places neck BEFORE the mishap.

Despite everything I had a fun and fab weekend though.


flahute said...

Kathy ... you know that all of us Utards are super proud of you, no matter what the ultimate outcome. You went to KC and kicked ass ... and running that last lap just proves it.

No need to tell you to HTFU ... you're already there.

See you and Chris at Theresa's on Saturday?

Kathy Sherwin said...

Thanks for saying so. I will need to use my "bummed-ness" as fuel I guess! It is all you can do.

Heading to St. George this weekned. Gotta put in some major hours.