Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fountain Hills, AZ

The ever so great fountain of Fountain Hills:

A tisket a tasket, there is a cat in a basket. And who said I didn't know how to rhyme!?

After whisking Chris away from the 15 degree weather at Deer Valley I picked him up at the airport and got out in the 80 degree heat on the Cross Country course with my coach, Alison (Dunlap), Katarina (Nash) and Waldeck. Nothing too much had changed on course from last year except that I didn't get shoved into a cactus, didn't crank my stem sideways and didn't lose a brake bolt like I did last year here during the race. It was nice to ride the XC symptom free for once.

Then Alison dropped Katarina and I off at the top of the Super D while Waldeck and Chris road up to it. Those 2 were hauling so much tail down that thing that they actually caught up with us at the end! Wish Chris could race the Super D but the promoters want all or nothing. Either 3 days of racing or notta. So Chris is going for notta since he's been skiing every day since December and doesn't have a ton of bike fitness right now for 3 days of racing. Bummer cuz I know he would do great!!

Then it was to the SoBe/Cannondale tent to say hello and get a minor adjustment and back to my buddy's house that we have invaded to try and get rehydrated. That sun and heat really take it out of you fast (and this is coming from a Utah girl!). Maybe I should have gone to the pool instead though to work on my tan. Gheesh........

Races start tomorrow with a Super D that should be considered more of Time Trial.

Race preview on MTBracenews here.


flahute said...

As I've mentioned in the past, my parents live in Fountain Hills, on the north end of town. I wish I could have made it down this year to come out and support, but alas, it wasn't to be.

Next year.


Next year it is! Thanks for even thinking of getting down here.

UtRider said...

I love McDowell Mountain Regional Park. I was there last month and the trails were sweet. About the fountain, after viewing the pics of Fox last year I'm never going to be able to look at it again without thinking of him striking a pose!


Oh cool! Yeah, the trails are super fast right now.

Funny that you should mention Fox's picture of the fountain because I almost linked it to my post. I couldn't look at my picture without thinking of it either!

And many don't know this but right after we took that picture of him we left him there thinking that we were still taking the shot... but instead we got the shot, ran away and there were people wandering by him wondering what a guy was doing upside down on the lawn by himself. We all about blew a gasket laughing!!