Saturday, April 28, 2007

NORBA #2 - Super D

Chris just got home and he placed 2nd in his Super D!!!! Yes!!!! He said their were 20 starters in the Expert Class without the "0" in 20. No just kidding, we were just giving him a hard time and there were about 20 people in his race!

But unfortunately just now when Chris got home and entered the front door he was hit in the face with a wall of pepper spray. is what happened....................our buddies Eric and Kristin who are kindly offering their services up as our soigneurs tonight by making us a huge pasta dinner had some friends over and someone got into the pepper spray that was sitting on the table. Maybe it was Liberty who did it. Doesn't he look guilty? So here we all our are standing outside their new house waiting for the pepper spray to clear out. Nice, thanks Liberty. :)

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