Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I Would Expect Nothing Less

We are headed across Nevada today and have the same head wind that we get EVERY year when we do this drive. It has to be 30 -40 mph. We are probably getting a whopping 25mpg (normally its 38 mpg) in our TDI while all these other poor suckers in their honking huge cars are getting 8mpg. Hope our car keeps running. So far so good. Isn't this cool that I can post this while in my car? I feel so special. Ha!


Anonymous said...

I will be the first to blog. I've never done this before so. . . I can't believe your entire off time we did not get together. Now you are off on your exciting life that is totally alien to mine! We are all good though, except Ron. hee hee
Take care
Be Number 1
Congratulations on a great last season!

brooke and jon said...

Hey bebe - long time since xmas eve dinner! Glad to hear you are starting off the season slim, trim, fit and fast! Get'er done this year (I am SURE they say that in Heber)!!!
love, brooke and jon

FoF (Fists of Fury) said...

What the.....

You are blogging in the car these days? You are all kinds a hi tech like me and Warren now! Wish I could meet up with you guys in Monterey. God damn tax season f'n up my program.

Hey, who is M? And am I the Ron she/he means? I am thinking not.

Change your URL to my site (from your site). It is:


And light it UP at Sea Otter will ya! Focker!