Monday, April 23, 2007

Pain Management

You may think that this is going to be a paragraph about training but I am about to talk about the highly recommended Massage Therapist..........oh I mean Massage Masochist that I just came back from. Oh my god are you stinking kidding me? I have NEVER EVER endured such immeasurable pain and suffering in my life. I have never had a deep tissue massage and I will NEVER get one again. I don't care that you are NEVER supposed to say NEVER because I stinking mean it. The bike is enough suffering for me thank you. And yes I did tell the guy that it feels like the movie Backdraft up and down my arms and legs and he would proceed to convince me that I needed it while he continued to detach the rest of my limbs from my body. I think I may have even grown an inch during the horrendous process.

Why didn't I jet? I guess being that I am some sort of athlete, I must enjoy the mental and physical challenges of putting myself through pain intentionally for training and racing. And when you have that personality you can't give in, give up, quit, leave, not finish. So I didn't.

I have never been so happy to see a massage end in my life. Pure and utter delight and relief.


Uncle Kind's Nephew said...

Ha! Justice is served! You shouldn't have called me cheesy... Karma is such a bitch!

You may think I look like nothing more than a paper plate eyed, paper towel mouthed, heart plant thing, but these lips are tissue, baby, pure tissue...

Big shout out to my homey Deep Tissue for bringin' the pain!

-Lonely And On A Fence

Utah Mnt biker said...

Pain is watching Pepe get his back waxed!