Sunday, April 1, 2007

NMBS #1 STXC - Saddle Battle

So like I said, not everything went smooth sailing leading up to the Short Track on Saturday evening. There I was in the dark, on my trainer, near my car, no one around with 2 minutes until staging and I take my bike off the trainer, grab my seat and the hole thing rattles backwards and is totally loose. This is when the panic attack happened and I started searching frantically for the car keys in the dark and then once in I started throwing all my tools and everything around trying to find the right one. Is it 6??? I check it...too big. A 3?? Too small. Oh man time is ticking. How about a 5?? Too big. Ok so I know what one it is now.........but where is it?!!! The most commonly used tool size and it is of course not in its slot in my mess of tools. Ok I tell myself....don't panic.....calm's ok....breathe. And ahhhhhh....I find it. At this point, I DON'T CARE and CAN'T CARE if the seat is in the right position. There is no time to measure to get it perfect. I just eye it, tighten it and go to the line. Whew that was close.

Considering how things went in the race maybe I ought to consider a permanent change hugh (it ended up being 1 cm too far back)? Ha!

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