Thursday, April 5, 2007

Shock and Awe

You would have thought I was the freak of the circus today. In the gym today people kept asking “What happened!!?!” I have really bad road rash all down my right hand side from the Cross Country race (see April 1st’s entry) and with the way they were saying it I would get scared and be like “what!!!?....what's wrong with me!!” scared that there was something more wrong. Then they would point to the road rash and I was relieved thinking “oh just that....good..” I supposed people aren’t used to a 30 year old plus gal walking around with scabs streaking down the right side of her. But to me a pro cyclist…… is a pretty normal thing to see really.

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Patricia Sherwin said...

I have heard of road rage, which I occasionally suffer from, but not road rash. I hope it heals real fast and that you continue to have a fantastic season.