Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Thank God I Did My Homework

This morning in Flagstaff, AZ I woke up to my phone ringing. It was my husband calling me from UT to let me know that USADA (US Anti Doping Assoc) was standing in our kitchen in Heber City, UT. They had come for a “collection” since I am on the Out of Competition Test list. As some of you may or may not know, when you are on this list, you have to fill out a form on a quarterly basis called the Athlete Location Form that tells USADA, where you are going to be on any giving day for the next 3 months to include training days, travel days, racing days, time at the gym, weddings, normal trips, appointments, etc. Oh ya, that is fun to fill out, let me tell you, but I TRY to think of it as a privilege to be on the list.

Well, as far as USADA knew I was supposed to be home Monday night from the first National race but my car broke down (see entry below). Luckily I had done my homework and remembered late Monday evening to let them know where I was. But because it was so late when I notified them about the change of plans no one (the agency nor the rep) got the message!! I got on the phone with the USADA rep who was at my house and we eventually cleared everything up. Thanks god…a black mark next to my name is the last thing I would have wanted. What a way to start the day. Actually the day was great as I got home in 7.5 hours from Flagstaff. Home sweet home finally.

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