Thursday, May 31, 2007

Vail Pre-Ride

Got to Vail, CO safe and sound after a lot of construction. Pre-road the Teva Mountain Games course and it's a ski resort race........straight up, straight down. And when I say straight down I mean you better be able to recover at altitude in under 6 minutes and get ready to climb back up the 1300 feet again. 3 laps, 4pm start (what is one to do all day long!), mix of singletrack and fire road and perhaps a mass start that would put me up against Floyd Landis and the rest of CO.

We are staying with our buddy who designs shoes for Teva (yep, even the ones you are wearing right now) which is sweet but have you ever seen a door that does this:

Try opening it for the first time without freaking out too. I thought I saw my life flash before my eyes.

Also, forgot to give you the link to Slys interview of me on May 29th. He has got a great idea of interviewing any and all cyclists with some crazy questions. Different answers for the different cyclists which is pretty interesting. Link to his blog here and you will find the interview under "ya i know these 2 fast girls".

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