Monday, May 28, 2007

Blue Birds and Boards

It was a sunny blue bird day here in the good ole Northwest. I got to hit it hard today training and it was so cool hammering up this hill and then turning around each time and seeing the ferry docs, Puget Sound, and all the boats going by.

Afterwards I couldn't resist a ride along the waterfront but you know how you get really used to the element that you train in the most and you get used to the normal sounds? Like for me in Heber City its the cows mooing or the sound of the hay in the wind or dogs barking at me. Well I was just about blown off my dang bike by this massive train that snuck up and decided to whistle its loud horn. I think my bones rattled on the bike and I most definitely swerved from just being shocked. OH MY GOSH it was SOOOOOOO loud and the train was a stone throw away. Scared the bah-Jesus out of me.

Oh ya and I saw a pretty cool thing sitting in a wide open creek bed called Chambers Creek on the other side of the road I was on. There was this 5 foot wooden "M" shaped structure that had probably metal or plastic bars that made it look like railroad track on wood. I saw it the other day and was like what the heck? Well today as I road by there were tons of high school kids kicking back down there doing this:

I think I need to get out more because I had no idea that this was a thing to do in the Northwest or anywhere for that matter.

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