Friday, May 18, 2007

Where Have You Been Kathy?

Why haven't you been blogging? Has something happened? What is going on?

These are just some of the comments I have been getting lately and yes, something has's called life. After being gone a month from home racing I was sent into a spiraling mess of stuff to take care of, do, catch up on, finish or start. It has been downright nuts these last few weeks. From booking the June Quebec World Cups hotels, airlines, registration, etc to booking, figuring out, coordinating, etc. the July East Coast NMBS race trips, to deciding at the last minute that I want to go home to WA to see my parents (and therefore needed to pick a bike, put parts on it that I wouldn't miss and ship it home where it will stay forever to make traveling to my parents home easier in the future)......... life has been out of control busy.

Oh ya, and then there was Mothers Day, our 9th Wedding Anniversary (nice!!), Chris's Birthday, my birthday, my dads birthday (same day as my b-day), a wedding that we attended, a baby shower, a graduation, BBQ, meeting with my Nutritionist and working with her, switching up my race schedule with my coach, getting my new training figured out, filling out USADA's lovely quarterly Athlete Location Form that is mandatory and due soon, going to doctor appts among other appts.

YES---- ALL THESE LAST COUPLE WEEKS. And NO---I am not making any of it up!!!!

Don't forget that I still had to squeeze sleeping, training, eating, going to the gym, and actually taking a shower in there too. It has been downright nuts around here and I am NOT complaining and am just telling it like it is. Notice I didn't complain about having to pack for my parents house???? Well that is because I was still packed from the CA trip!! That works for me....except that its the same junk that I have been staring at for the last month. Oh well, it was a blessing to be pre-packed for certain.

And that my friends is where I have been. I am going to post date this one because I need to catch you all up on some real doozies from this past week.


primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

i dont have a life so i write daily.

Kathy Sherwin said...

You do have a life it is just WAY MORE fun than mine right now.