Sunday, June 24, 2007

On Our Way to the North Pole

We left beautiful Mont Sainte Anne and drove 3.5 hours North through thickly forested trees and dark blue lakes towards the next World Cup race. The drive was beautiful. Being from WA state things were impressive to me more so here because on every lake that we saw there was not one house and the fir trees came all the way down to the lake. It looked so neat!

The World Cup race this weekend is in St. Felicien but right now we are staying in a tiny and very quaint town called St. Prime which is only 4 k away. We are staying here because I lucked out big time with the race promoter of St. Felicien and was able to set up host housing in exchange for cooking American cuisine for our hosts. Our hosts for the week are a wonderful couple who work in the Milling industry and Social Work. Milling is huge up here as you might imagine from my description of the drive.
You just have to love the way they do things up here too. My instructions for arriving at the Desbiens were to go to the church in St. Prime (no address) and call a number (no area code given) and let them know you are there. That is it. There was no contact with them before, no confirmation #'s, no anything except one single email from the race promoter with the instructions above. Funny. It is amazing how much trust you could and do put into people that you don't know and have never met before. And most of the time it works out as this did!!

So we are here in St. Prime reveling at the quietness of the updated farm house we are staying at that is just across the road from the massive Lac Saint Jean. Hence the 10 hour sleep. Boy, can bike races sleep I tell you. Here is a picture of the huge lake that you cannot see the other side of in most directions.

I guess on the frozen lake during the winter they kite board because the winds are soooo crazy fierce. Winters here are brutal it sounds like with a ton of wind but they make up for it with dog sledding too! Not to mention that there is a cheese museum just down the road. This place is great. Can you believe we have wireless at this house too? Amazing!!

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