Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dust Rules

I was so excited to return to Utah yesterday. From the plane window the landscape was out of this world gorgeous and you could see the sun in the blue sky just parching the mountains and everything surrounding. As awful as that may sound to some of you, I personally love it here! Takes all kinds!

As I walked off the plane into the 100 degree weather I said out loud "I love the dry heat" and I must have hit a note for the others behind me (and said it kind of loud too) because they were all very much in agreement. The East Coast is just different with its muggy-ness you know? Takes some getting used to and it could have been a ton worse back there but I think my heart is with the dry weather. I like that I can just go for a ride here and dust my bike off if I feel like it or not if I don't. Nuff of this wash your bike stuff. I need a break from that action!

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