Friday, August 3, 2007

Bread Bag

I went to Costco yesterday and once I emerged it was pouring rain. I am talking buckets. I wondered at first glance why everyone was huddled under the huge roof overhang and I realized they were scared to get wet. Good lord people. Suck it up and quit wasting your own time!!

Not wanting to stick around any longer at the pearly gates of Costco (I love that place) I undid the tie on the clear plastic bag that was holding the two loaves of bread that I just bought (that are individually wrapped), stuck it on my head and started towards my car. People laughed and seemed to be impressed with the inventiveness cuz I got some funny comments. I think they were really wishing deep down that they had bought Costco's Honey Whole Wheat Bread too.

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Anonymous said...

Sexy should have been at the Marykaye party with Ruth and me!