Sunday, August 5, 2007

Chris and Doc

Chris and Mark (Chris's best friend from Seattle, WA) went Canyoneering this weekend in Zion National Park. It was Docs (Marks) first time ever Canyoneering so they started easy and did the the Subway on Friday and then upped it a bit and did Pinecreek the next day.

Chris said that with all the flooding going on down there that Pinecreek had pools of nasty/stinky water in it that they had to swim through. YUCK!! And hence the reason I am home and not with them - a boys trip is fine by me!! Chris said on a scale of 1 to 10 with one being crystal clean/ flowing/non stinky water and ten being nasty/cold/stagnant/debris laden/dark/thick water, Pinecreek was about a 6. I guess there was a 150 foot section that they had to SWIM through. UGH. Don't get THAT junk in your mouth. Yicky.

Here is Doc getting all the necessary repelling tools from Chris before they left:

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