Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Driving to WA

Chris and I decided at the last minute to go home and see family, go to a spa for a night and head to the ocean. Why not because I have the time right now?

The Columbia River:

We checked into a spa. Or shall I say CHRIS checked into the spa.........we pulled up at 6:26pm and I had a conference call I needed to take promptly at 6:30pm but when I looked at my phone to see what kind of service I was getting I had no bars!!! I ended up jumping in the drivers seat and peeling out of the parking lot looking for service and left poor Chris at the check in desk with no phone, no water, no luggage, no food - just his wallet. I think Chris would normally have been not too happy with me since the call took 2 hours but the room came with a six pack of great beer so I was in luck!! The beer kept him very good company.

I had found a place alongside the road to get the call and while I was there I saw an eagle with a fish in its possession flying across the road as well as this guy and his family:

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Mother Theresa said...

I'm envious. Columbia River is one of the most beautiful places I've been.....enjoy home.