Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Last SS of the Season

So the SS wasn't as bad this time with getting ready to leave for the last National race of the season. The packing wasn't bad only because its only a 5 or so hour drive from my house to Snowmass so there was no need to disassemble the bike and pack it, I went grocery shopping for the weekend in my refrigerator and have been perma packed since March. Its funny too because my bag is huge but I swear there is only one cubic square foot of normal clothing in there. Everything else in my suitcase (is that an old word now....should I be using luggage or bag or something?) is in there in case stuff hits the know.....rain gear, bolts, d. hangers, warm gear, extra set of race shoes, posts, brake pads, peddles, wheels, saddles, etc. But it can get kind of crazy bringing all those extra bike parts because you almost get to the point where you just need a trailer for all of it. Need to know when to say when I guess.

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