Thursday, September 20, 2007

CX Practice

I got to go to Cyclcocross practice today down in SLC which was fun. It was my first time going and doing that and it was a blast.

The only part that sucked horribly was the enduring the Indy 500 on I-80 on the way down to the park. I was was not only rush hour but good lord it was like Frogger out there (ooh, I think that just dated myself on that one). A bunch of people that couldn't hold their lines around the curves in the freeway who would speed past you ON THE RIGHT only to come upon a big rig too fast and have to slam on their brakes (duh!!). I am talking no depth perception here people which is bad news. Then that same person would try the same trick a half mile down on the LEFT side (thank you) only to slam their brakes on because the people in the left lane (if you had been paying ANY attention) were going WAY slow. Don't people look ahead for Pete's sake? Good lord. And I will tell you I am no slow poke on the freeway and what I witnessed tonight was flat out ridiculous. It was like shooting stars past me, in front of me, around me, with no one going anywhere! Just wait until the snow flies..........aye yie yie.

Here is a video of practice Sly took in hopes of someone crashing. None of crashed when he was taking this but, yes, some of us did crash (hey, that is why you practice!!):

Oh, and for all you that I know have to make that drive everyday.....will you PLEASE be careful out there? For goodness sake!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Kathy, I just saw the film of your cyclo cross training.
You are doing it very good, but maybe I can give you a tip from my father who has a lot of experience with cyclo cross. If you jump from your bike you have to try to do only one step before the obstacle. Sven does also do it that way. Try it first with a low speed. You have to put your right leg between your bike and your left leg. And when your right foot touched the ground, you have to jump over the obstacle with your left foot.
Realy, try it and you will see that you are going much faster over the obstacle.
Greatings from Erwin and Connie (Belgium)

Kathy Sherwin said...

Thanks Erwin! I really appreciate the hot tip!! Now I need to practice and practice some more so I don't dive nose first into the barrier. :)