Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"Fire, Fire"

I just got back from el doctor after he dug in my back for nearly an hour trying to get at my cyst. I think the only thing that stopped him finally was that I started to feel the pain because the numbing stuff was wearing off. It started to feel like fire real bad there towards the end as he was snipping stuff. For almost an entire hour all I could hear and feel was tug, pull, snip, push, squeeze, dig. Eeee-oooooooh. It was yucky and not the easiest procedure for the doctor or me to have to go through. I guess the cyst had embedded itself in the surrounding tissues pretty well which is why the Dr. had to "explore" the entire area to make sure that he was getting most of it. No guarantees that the cyst won't grow back either. Great. Love that news.

Oh ya, I got to start a whole new round of antibiotics too because the second I got through the last bottle, the dang thing started infecting again. Love wiping out all the good flora in my body. That rules.

After he got the last of 6 stitches in (of which most I could feel going in) I was offered pain meds - uh, that'd be a huge NO THANK YOU from me, thank you very much. I will just deal with any pain that comes my way. Better than barfing everywhere.

So lesson learned for me is: find foreign object in body = remove it immediately not giving it time to fester to this point. What a pain in more ways than one.

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