Tuesday, October 16, 2007

All Fried Up

Do you even know how fried I am right now? Holy cow. And not from riding either. I have been thinking about bike parts and talking to sponsors all day long. Although that is fun stuff I have a headache and feel totally whacked right now - rightly so I think.

You name a part on your bike and I have thought about it, its function and its weight in the last 9 hours, or shall I say for the last 9 hours......hence the headache. This was a day off the bike and I am still at the computer in my pj's (yes you read that correctly) where I started this morning, haven't had lunch yet, and I am DONE. Don't plan on emailing me if you need any answers tonight because I am shutting this baby down. Toodles.


Mother Theresa said...

You gotta get a life kiddo!

Kathy Sherwin said...
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Kathy Sherwin said...

Whoops, I just deleted my own comment. Well here is what I tried to say:

Oh no you just reminded me.....THIS IS MY LIFE!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! :)