Tuesday, October 9, 2007

That Bugs Me

I went for my training ride today and a bug, with the accuracy of a scud missile, flew right in my ear. It was dancing around in there for a good half hour creating this nasty nasty tickle deep in there-oh gross!!! Try that one on for size as you are trying to deal with traffic and deer that are roaming across the road along with loose chickens wandering around (go Heber!!!). Really my only concern was NOT having to head into my docs office AGAIN asking them to extract the thing. I had visions of me the dummy walking in there explaining I got a bug in my ear- oh lord!

So I didn't go in to the docs because I am stubborn at this point. And quite honestly, I really don't know what happened to the bug because I don't remember it flying away. Ugh yeah, so I am saying that there may be a new pet nesting in my ear. OOOOOH Yuck! Shall I name it?

Before all this, another cyclist approached me and started asking how he would go about riding the outskirts of the whole Heber Valley. My response:

Ugh, oh, um, well, there's this street, yeah, ok, then left, no right?, oh yeah, then well, I think......

And I am thinking to myself, good lord Kathy don't you know the street names BY NOW. For the love of god you have been training in the valley for years and years on the same roads and you can't tell this guy where to go?? The answer? NO, not really.

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