Monday, November 12, 2007

Gym Woes

Holy lord what the heck was going on in the gym today? Good grief! It started with the lady in the yoga studio CHEWING GUM and popping it the entire if no one else was around and could here it. Seriously lady? Then 2 gals decided they were done with the class mid way through and thought it would be a peachy idea to have a conversation at the back of the room. Come on!!! After class I headed into the main gym area only to be almost knocked over by the sight of some dude wearing WAY too short shorts. Oh my gosh that was nuts. No pun intended. On to the women's locker room... where people feel as though that asking how you are doing while they are wearing their birthday suit is just a marvelous idea. I was OUTTA THERE in a flash. Again no pun intended. Ugh.


Anonymous said...

Pleeaase women, put your clothes on!

Kathy Sherwin said...