Sunday, November 25, 2007


Went for an mtb ride today in Park City and it was dusty. That is scary. MTB, Park City, not a speck of mud and it's Nov 25th? Oh my. Ran into BZ, Eric J, Sager and Bart fresh back from La Ruta, Dayna D and Heather H getting what we all figure is the last hurrah in too. Heard the trails are closed..........yeah, THE SKI trails maybe!

I have got a new one for ya. I was looking for my beloved Zeal Optics sunglasses so I could go on this last hurrah ride and looked and looked and looked some more. I knew they had made it home with me after the race yesterday but where were they!!?!! Guess where I found them - they were under the hat I was wearing, basically sitting on top of my head for half a day. I have to ask how in the world I put the hat on without feeling them under there. I am going to bed. :)

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