Saturday, December 8, 2007

Attempt Failed

It has been snowing like crazy here still and there was talk of the CX race today getting postponed and rescheduled do to the weather. But word this morning was that the race was a go.

I got up expecting to race, had my pre - race meal and typical pre- race morning. Got the car all packed up to the ceiling with all my stuff and discovered very snowy roads with traffic going 50 mph. The drive to the race site is already a 1.5 hour drive if you are going the speed limit and at the pace we were going it was going to be A LOT longer than that. Plus it would be a white knuckled stressful one at that!

My thoughts?

"Screw it!!!"

Those were my thoughts.

I have never just thrown the towel in on a race like that but there were other factors too. One being that I have been sleeping a ton and not feeling like myself the last few days. I have been a whiny little racer to my coach and that means something. It means my body is crying out for help and I need to do it a favor and listen to it. You know the signs at this stage of the game and if you ignore them, you are a doe doe head (to put it nicely).

Even this morning my body was still in the "ugh" phase. I thought I could get going and work my way through it because that is what "athletes" do right? But when the drive stared sucking I took that as a big ole sign and second chance to "just say no" and made my U - turn.

Trust me, I would have loved to race but I trust me and know that it wasn't in my best interests today.

Gotta see the light even when in the dark if you can.


Anonymous said...

The roads were enough to make me stay home, or, actually at Deer valley for a day of skiing.

flahute said...

Plus ... next weekend is far more important, and rest will likely do you good!

I've decided that after 6 years in this state, maybe I should consider that it is actually "home" and start being proud of what my state-mates are doing.

Now go kick a-- in KCMO next weekend!

Kathy Sherwin said...

Thanks Steven. Yep got to listen to the engine every now and again.

Thanks for the support too. Can't wait for KS!