Thursday, December 20, 2007

Deer Valley - nope, not for riding now

I have been working up at Deer Valley Resort these last few days in their Signatures (gift) stores. Seeing American Express cards that are black (ever seen one of those? yeah, me neither) and helping certain guests that need your help and are shocked when you ask where they are staying because its Stein Eriksen Lodge OF COURSE is too funny. Here are my new buddies that I work with. They are a hoot!

It has been good to go back to DV because it is like a reunion for me. I cannot go anywhere without seeing 10 people I know and really want to sit down and talk to! I have worked there for 14 years now, 11 full time as HR Manager and because of that I know A LOT of the employees still. There are over 2000+ employees there now too. Wow. I miss seeing all the friends I made during that period of time which is why it is SO GREAT to go back, catch up and spend more than I make in their cute gift shops!

HUGE snow storm last night. Took an hour of bumper to bumper to get home. Normally it is 25 minutes. Chris is gonna have a good ski day tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

sorry to hear you're missing my chrissy party but enjoy southern utah!!

Kathy Sherwin said...

Hey mt,

Yep, I keep missing parties one after the next this month cuz of that thing I do called racing. Dang nabbitt! Sorry to miss yours too. :(