Monday, December 31, 2007

Go Play!

I bet the skiing and boarding is ripping today! I have been sitting here in my house listening to the sound of the avalanche bombs going off for over 2 hours now while it shakes my windows and floors. That is a sure sign that you should take off work if you can!!! Now GO. Have fun! I will be in my basement training like a hamster on a wheel if you wondered. 12 degrees out! Yeah! :)


Bart G said...

rode to work and back today, it was nice out
like the new picture!


Hey Bart!

That is awesome! But I am going to leave the human popsicle stick action to you I think. I am happy "tearing it up" in my basement even though that is crazy. But then again, you have to be kind of crazy to do what we do right? :)