Sunday, December 23, 2007

Have Bikes Will Travel

What else does Fox do the entire ride today?? You are looking at it. Too funny.

We went mtb riding today with Fox for what seemed like most of the day light hours. He showed us what riding can be like off a flagged race course in St. George which was way nice of him to play tour guide like that. On the Barrel trail Chris and Fox double handily handed my tail to me which can only make you

After the Barrel trail we headed out on some steeper rocky descents that I was actually getting down on my hardtail pretty well. Generally I am pretty hesitant the first time down anything and usually need to see it first so I KNOW what's coming up. But getting down all these descents sight unseen today was unfortunately just enough to build the confidence ever so slightly. And that was just in time for us to approach a 3 foot wide gully that had rocks in it to cross. Yep - cased it hard in the gully with my new found confidence. I should have known better when Chris stopped at it thinking it was a bit too much cuz he is Mr. Super D and can dh with the best of them. I said to him oh you can do THAT; here watch me..................."crunch". Nice.

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