Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Spending Christmas Morning

with Fox and his binky. Or is that Elvis?

We are a lively bunch aren't we?

We then picked up two other lonely cyclists, Jen and Shannon, that were headed through St. George, who were doing what we were doing over the holidays except I think they drove from SLC to LA and back in under 48 hours.

These guys did the TransAlps race in July, an 8 day mtb stage race in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy that is 385 miles long with 65,000 vertical feet of climbing and killed it coming in 7th overall in their category. That was fun to see.

But today we only did about 10 feet of vertical gain I think. I was whooped and then winds were hollering which was NOT cool while we were on a trail that was at points only feet away from the edge of a couple hundred foot drop off into the river. Gusts were at about 25-35 miles per hour making things a bit tedious in spots but we live to tell the story so that is good. Despite the winds it was a nice day for a Christmas morning ride with some buddies.

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