Monday, December 3, 2007

We know how to Tetris!

Talk about extreme sports. Nope, not talking CX. Talking about driving I-5 back to the parents house. Surprised I made it with the driving rain, severe wind and semi's spraying the whole road with water. Took forever with the flooded roadways and closures that I hit along the way up.

Did I mention that cyclists know how to pack a car? If you need anything packed even if you don't think it will all fit, call your nearest cycling buddy. We can "Tetris it up" with the best of em'. Check it out below - one bike case, 3 bikes, a trainer, two travel bags stuffed full, two back packs, 3 bags of groceries, 1 bag of tools, tires, rags, pump, a bag of the muddiest clothing known to man kind, a box of a set of wheels, 2 purses, 2 people and we are off to the airport. Actually, Shannon did most of it. She rules!


FoF said...


I recognize her. She has the Eurovan and was hanging with us at the condo in Aspen. Fact, pretty sure I have a pic somewhere.........

Kathy Sherwin said...

Hey Fof,

Yep. You are spot on. Good hearing from ya!