Friday, January 11, 2008

Five Things eh??

Hmmmmm, I have been tagged. So.........five things you may not know about me are:

1. I met my husband in the singles line at the bottom of the Edelweiss Chairlift at Alpental Ski Resort in WA. We were both skiing alone that day until I heard some guy yell "single!" I had just skied into the line as he yelled that and I answered half-ass-ly "right here." I thought it may just be another ride up the lift with some dude but when he put his goggles up as we got on the double lift, I was like "Heck YA!!"

2. Never smoked pot or done any of that stuff.

3. I had an obsession with Barbie when I was young. Had a whole room full of them and all the goodies like her dog, house, bus, car, and even a couple Ken dolls. One Ken had black (not plastic) hair too. Never seen that around again though. But despite the Barbie thing, I was a huge Tom boy too swinging on trees, biking, trying to do table tops, getting messy all the time, building forts in the woods, making BMX jumps and was just plain outdoorsy.

4. Okay. You ready for this one? I can sense laughter abounding already............I was a debutante and went to cotillion. Don't ask. :)

5. I was in a huge car crash when I was in high school that totaled the car. It was a speeding car vs. 50 foot plus fir tree that doesn't budge. With no seat belt on I found myself untouched except for a small cut on my left arm, I was fully intact with moving parts and was somehow still sitting in the passenger seat even though my head had broken windshield. The driver on the other hand broke his face and suffered trauma to the chest. I was able to run home to get help (no cell phones back then for us!). I am still not sure how either of us escaped with our lives.

Now it is my turn to tag: Adam, Thomas, Amy, Jenny, Shannon - if you are up to the challenge it is all yours to run with!


Anonymous said...

debutant??? Bwah,ha, ha,ha

Jennie Wade said...

Dayna and I are invading DV tomorrow looking for this "untouched pow" we're hearing about. Will you be up there???? It would be great to take some runs.


I won't be but Chris will! Keep your eye out for him in the trees!