Friday, January 18, 2008

Yummy in Chris's Tummy

ok.....I give in.

I had one or maybe it was two?? three? No...but it was four for sure. Gosh, maybe it WAS 5? Ah heck, forget about it......Chris never even saw the box. Ha ha!

Our buddies, Erwin and Connie who are native to Belgium and live in Ghent sent us this box of chocolate straight from heaven. We just got it even though it was sent for the holidays. The custom guys were probably drooling over it for a few weeks and finally decided they should send it onward. Although, I can't help but think that this box comes at a time when I mentioned that I may go over there again and race there later this year. Hmmm??? Kidding Erwin!!! :)

And, if I may gloat a bit for Erwin......... he is now the Belgian Champion in his series that he races MTB in!! This guy IS FAST as you can imagine that you NEED to be competing in Belgium all the time! He even has the Belgian jersey to prove it:

Congratulations Erwin!

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