Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy 55th Anniversary

If you can believe it, my mom and dad our celebrating their 55th Wedding Anniversary today. Holy cow. 55 years. That is a lot. I am so proud of them! I am sure they did something wild and crazy today to celebrate went to Starbucks or something. :)

These pictures are of two very hardworking, trustworthy and honest people who built everything they have today from nothing. NOTHING. They lived through the depression which set their morals, standards and way of life real early on and it turned out to be a good thing.

I am lucky to call them my parents and can only hope that I can achieve all they have done with integrity still intact as they have. They are amazing people and I love them!


Anonymous said...

You look like your Mom. And, no doubt, integrity runs through your blood!


It is crazy isn't it? I looked at that picture of her and went WHOA!!!!