Monday, February 11, 2008

Not 1, Not 2

But THREE coats to paint my kitchen. Was it the paints fault? Nope, it'd be my fault. First coat I hated, second coat I hated even more and by the time I got to the third coat I didn't care because THAT was going to be the color no matter what it turned out like.

What was the overall problem? The sun. Blame it on the sun! When the sun came up and shined in the window on the fresh new coat of paint I found the color horrifying each time.

So four days later I am done painting my kitchen. I have decided that painting the kitchen in particular is a pain anyway because of all the cabinets and counters plus all the appliances you have muster out of their spot in order to get behind and paint. Not so simple.

Ok, here is the progression (or lack thereof)

Painting over this cuz I am sick of it

HATE paint coat #1 below for my house. Paint coat #2 was no better only a few shades darker. But do note the coffee grinder and electric tea pot that made the cut for what doesn't get put away during "demolition":

Paint coat #3. I will settle for this because I have to go have a life now. Plus it is pretty much what I was after.


Anonymous said...

I like...


Thanks, but now I need to learn how to faux like a superstar, like you!

flahute said...

Worry not, Kathy ... between when we bought the house in 2003 and now, my ex-wife has painted the living room of my former (and her still current) house 8 times, the bedroom 4 times, and the kitchen 3 times.

I told her the next time she gets a hankering to paint, she can come paint my condo.

Oddly enough, she has yet to take me up on my offer.

But she did give me our old martini glasses this past weekend.


Painting sucks.......until it is done. Then you are ready to rumble all over again. It is a sick and twisted deal I must say.

Martini party at Steve's!