Monday, March 10, 2008

DV Dinner

So I stuck to my plan and got out last night to a employee dinner which doesn't sound like much fun but it really is especially after being couped up in your house for days. Deer Valley Resort was having their Years of Service Reception for all the employees that have been there 5 consecutive seasons or longer which includes me with 13 years. It also included 750 other employees of whom about 1/2 showed up making it for more of a reunion really. It is good to have the time to talk to your fellow mates and catch up a bit while not at work.

I was reminded of all the time I actually been at the resort as I made my way around talking to the various groups I used to work with...Ski Instructors, Ski Patrol, Human Resources and now Signatures stores. The more I talked to people the more I can't believe how much history I actually have with Deer Valley and staff (although some people have decades on me, having been at the resort 27 years plus).

Some of these people have known me since I moved to Utah basically and that never really dawned on me until tonight. These people have seen me through a lot! That is weird to think about but really cool too. One ski instructor remembered exactly where I used to live my first year at the resort. Heck, I can barely remember that! Another on Ski Patrol reminded me that I bought my first full suspension fork with 1 cm of travel (probably) from him in the 90's when I was just getting into riding (not racing yet). The old timer stories are were in plethora last night making for lots of laughs along with lots of food and free drinks which I took full advantage of as you can see (with buddy, Brooke H).

Everyone at Deer Valley is family no matter how big we are now. I might not be there every day, all day, all year long anymore but you would never know it as I ran across one smiling face after the next asking me how things are. Getting treated by everyone like I was still there as a fulltime staff member meant more than anyone knows.

Deer Valley is a great place to work and I am happy that they want me to be a part of it each year. The crazy thing is that most people remembered that I quit working as HR Manager four years ago now to pursue a dream and they think it is so great. That kind of support is so nice vs. getting the what the heck were you thinking speech. What was I anyway?? Ha ha.

Stein Eriksen, Director of Skiing, got his talk in which is always fun to listen to. He is funny. That guy is 80 if you can believe it. But unfortunately he was involved in a ski accident earlier in the season and broke his wrist, clavicle along with messing up some ribs too. He is hoping to make his debut on skis again later this month. Incredible!

Bob Wheaton, GM of Deer Valley also spoke. He always has the best things to say and the right way to say it. He is so proud of every department and every employee and he knows how to convey that message which makes the resort what it is today - #1 Resort in North America.

We certainly missed the owners of the resort, Edgar and Polly Stern though. This is the first year they were not able to make it to this wonderful dinner that they host. We know they are proud of everyone despite their lack of presence there tonight.

And the best part of the evening? The fact that I didn't have to plan this dinner. I used to have to do that every year as HR Manager (back then it was 500 eligible employees) but it was certainly nice to kick back and relax and not be running around putting out tiny fires like I would have to do in the past!


primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

mmmmmmmmm dinner.

21 days today, no dinners, burritos or food.

are you teasing me?


I would NEVER do such a thing as tease you. I mean really now.... ME tease?