Friday, March 28, 2008

NMBS #1 - Fontana, CA Race Course

I made it to Fontucky without incident in exactly 5 hours total. Not bad but the second I merged onto I-10 from I 15 I ran into this only 3 miles or so from my exit to get to the venue. Good ole CA!

And once I made it off off I-10 I drove past the Truck driving school:

And the graffiti:

And the trash:

And not to mention panhandlers to get there.

Not much has changed since last year really except that there are more houses and it does seem to be an up and coming area for the most part. It is still heading in that direction from what I can see. More trees, plants and development for sure.

The course is the same as in years past EXCEPT that they shortened the loop significantly for the Pro's only to adhere to UCI rules of a certain distance of 9k I believe it is. So all is the same until you get to the garbage dump where people got paint balled the other year during the race:

Then after this you still switchback up a bit and just as you are starting that final climb the course takes you to the left and down where it connects to the old loop. This takes out that final climb along with all the fun semi techy stuff on the far end of the course. Kind of sad but I enjoy short courses too.

Aside from that not much has changed except for a few more houses down in that valley there (that was bare bones years ago). Picture taken from the course.

Looking to the west side of the course from the course

The new section takes you here then drops you back down into a sand wash.

On course looking to the East:

And here is what makes this place what it is. We get to ride past graffiti:

And rotting old hairspray bottles:

And more graphic art:

And shopping carts too:

And even trash dumps!

And then more trash:

And then there is Shannon Boffelli who fit right into the whole scene. I found him walking around the parking lot with suitcase in tow. He hitched a ride from the airport over and then hitched a ride back with me.

He fit in perfect. :)

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