Saturday, March 8, 2008

Spring Has Not Sprung

I haven't been posting lately because quite frankly I have been completely wiped out. I think that last block of training killed me along with topping it off with a race followed by a long ride the next day. Whew. I have been dragging around, barely moving, sleeping a lot and really not feeling like myself with virtually no energy. Guess that is what a rest week is all about....healing the body up from all that pummeling you gave it for the last month.

Spring is trying to make its way to Utah which is nice since its mid March and all. Glad it feels like it may want to make an appearance finally.

The birds are back and out and we are starting to hit 40 degrees. People on their cruiser bikes, kids playing on the one speck of pavement that isn't covered by snow and people ice chipping their way to their front door were common sites today while I was meandering around the valley on my bike. It is good to see people out again - I was starting to feel like I was all alone in the world as I cruised around the barren neighborhoods all winter with no signs of life out there. I guess people were smarter than I and stayed in where it was warm drinking hot cocoa next to the fire while watching the crazy abominable snowman ride by in the snow and sleet!

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