Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dang That Was Difficult!

Why are Recovery days sometimes the hardest days of them all? Not hard physically but mentally? I am talking about controlling your urge to hammer, oppressing your desire to pass another rider, restraining your urge to fly by someone, stopping the craving to click up a gear? It is sooooo hard for me to not have that competitive instinct and to hold back....but I do when I need to.

Even though it's great here with all the riders I have been seeing out and about, sometimes I think I am better off training alone in Heber City, UT. That way I can just do what I need to do without getting the urge to pass or put more pressure on the peddles when I shouldn't be. It is definitely a test here in CA!!

I kept telling myself today "build not bore" (a hole) ...... as I would get passed and passed and passed again and again. It was hard!!!

First this guy sat on my wheel before he decided I was too dang slow anyone.

Then this gal passed me on some kind of cruiser bike, pedal mashing on flat pedals in her tennis shoes with her helmet on sideways. Good on her. I hope I gave her an ego boost and she will keep getting out there to ride cuz she clearly had an engine.

Afterwards, Tamera of the Santa Barbara crew came over to say howdy doody and have some dinner with us. But really I think that she came over just to be put on my blog. :)


Genericyclist said...

This is Kathy Sherwin's world...the rest of us are just renting space! Great freaking results girlie! And the best is yet to come. Stay healthy. Stay positive. Mucho props!

CT at BC


Thanks for all the super nice comments CT. I am liking how this year is starting 4 sure!!!!