Monday, April 7, 2008

Homeward Bound

Danny, Kim, Kids, Kona (the brand new dog!) and Kosmo (the bird) were all nice enough to have the blow up mattress ready and waiting for our late night arrival into St. George last night. Hey Danny you need to rename yourself to Kanny so it fits! :)

Got a great nights sleep and awoke to a bird that likes nipping at your imperfections. Dang that hurt! That little stinker. But he made up for it once again by going "Wheet Whoo" at me. It was only then that all was forgiven.

Then it was off to ride the Gem Trail

Then jump back in the car to make the rest of the drive home. And guess what was on the roads? Yeah......snow. Great. Going from 90 degrees to snow is something sweet I tell you. Heard the skiing is good though.

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